Secret Service Victim Of Biden Dog Attack Furious At White House’s Response

( )- During a White House press briefing on March 9, 2021, press secretary Jen Psaki said there has been a biting incident the day before involving the Bidens’ dog Major and a secret service agent. Psaki claimed that the agent had “surprised” Major and the dog bit him resulting in only a “minor” injury.

There were so many lies in that statement.

First, there wasn’t a single “biting incident,” there were many biting incidents over 8 consecutive days starting on February 28, 2021.

The agent who was bitten on March 8, 2021 wasn’t the first and his injury wasn’t “minor.”

Thanks to documents obtained by Judicial Watch via a FOIA request, we now know that the White House and the Secret Service had downplayed how frequently Major was biting people.

According to the documents obtained by Judicial Watch, the secret service agent was furious with Psaki’s description of the incident. In a message to a colleague, the agent said he didn’t surprise the dog as Psaki claimed, adding “Now I’m pissed.”

The documents also reveal that the so-called “minor” injury wasn’t minor at all. The agent, who was bitten in the leg, sustained puncture wounds from Major’s teeth along with bruising. Another message from an unnamed agent referred to photos of the injury, describing it as “severe.”

What’s more, the agent involved in the March 8 biting incident was bitten by Major on two separate occasions.

And he wasn’t the only secret service agent to get attacked by Biden’s dog.

On February 28, while the Bidens were in Delaware, Major bit not one, but two secret service agents in the course of the day.

One agent was bitten on the thigh. And in another incident, Major bit a second secret service agent two times in one encounter – first on the arm, then on the buttocks.

In another incident on March 6, Major lunged for an agent, missing his flesh, but ripping through his overcoat. When the agent wrote his first-hand account of the incident in his request for reimbursement for the damaged coat, the Secret Service instructed him to rewrite the account leaving out the florid details because they didn’t want to upset the First Family.

Ultimately, the agent withdrew his request for the Secret Service to pay for his damaged coat, instead, suggesting that the dog’s owners (AKA the Bidens) be financially responsible for the damage. It was unclear from the documents if the Bidens ever paid the agent for his torn coat.