Secret “Clearing” Operation Reported Before Carnage

( )- As the debate over war crimes in Ukraine continues, Ukrainian police wrote on Facebook that they had performed a “clearing operation” in Bucha the day before footage emerged showing dead bodies sprawled about the hamlet.

Independent journalists went to Bucha, a village just northwest of the capital, and discovered the streets filled with dead. The victims were dressed in civilian clothes, and some had their wrists tied behind their backs, indicating that they had been executed.
More than 300 residents were executed, according to the town’s mayor.
NATO forces and Ukraine supporters have used the purported atrocities in an attempt to exacerbate the conflict, perhaps to justify bombing Russia and placing American boots on the ground.

MSNBC host Ali Velshi ramped up the war hawk rhetoric, demanding “direct military involvement” with the Russians by the U.S., which could ignite world war III.

Moscow has categorically denied having anything to do with the dead bodies, alleging that Ukraine bombarded the city after Russian soldiers had left. Though, evidence seems to point to Russian troops having committed the atrocities and NATO intelligence officers have said that individual Russian units have been identified as responsible for the attacks.

It’s becoming harder and harder for Western forces to identify what reports are true and what reports are not.

Margaret Brennan of CBS all but admitted to being an arm for Ukrainian propaganda, saying that President Zelensky’s people delivered the video. They broadcasted the footage without any authentication.

According to a timetable supplied by the New York Times, pro-Ukrainian Azov neo-nazi militants invaded Bucha after Russian soldiers had withdrawn. The mayor had hailed the town’s liberation without mentioning any dead bodies in the streets.

The Ukrainian national police posted on their Facebook page about how they conducted a “clearing operation” in Bucha before the alleged atrocities occurred.

They also posted a video of their men walking around the town.

It’s very hard to tell what happened in Bucha because both sides of the conflict are bound to propagandize – but this doesn’t look good for Russia, does it?