Sean Hannity Predicts Joe Biden Will Face Impeachment After Discovery

( )- Fox News host Sean Hannity predicted that President Joe Biden will be impeached by House Republicans when they take control in January, according to Mediaite. Hannity was reportedly referring to investigations into the president over his son’s overseas business dealings, which Republicans have long since claimed benefited Biden while he was in office.

On his radio show, Hannity said that the president lied when he asserted that he did not know about his son’s business dealings. During a phone interview with his former colleague Bill O’Reilly, Hannity mentioned a list of cases that he got right over the years.

“There’s a reason that I was right on Ferguson, a reason I was right on Freddie Gray in Baltimore, [the University of Virginia], Duke Lacrosse,” Hannity said, adding the cases of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, and Richard Jewell.

He suggested that he does not “rush to judgment,” and then indicated that while we do not know for certain whether Joe Biden directly profited from Hunter’s business or if Biden’s influence was used to secure lucrative deals, we do know that the president lied about his knowledge that they were taking place. He also said that when Republicans take control of the lower chamber next year, the investigations could lead to impeachment.

Steven Bannon, the former White House strategist under then-President Trump, joined House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in the House’s bid to impeach President Biden, according to Newsweek. The report comes contrary to the claims made by Gateway Pundit over McCarthy’s alleged opposition to Biden’s impeachment, which the prospective leader is facing criticism for by members within his party.

McCarthy is facing a tough road ahead of his nomination as House Speaker as some Republicans say they will not vote for him unless he concedes on some key issues. Rep. Matt Gaetz told Bannon that McCarthy had years to convince the GOP to vote for him, but there are at least five Republicans who are staunchly against him.

During an interview, McCarthy said that Republicans will not impeach the president for “political purposes” in the same way Democrats did with Trump.