Sean Hannity Blast’s White House “Transitory” Inflation Spin

( )- On Thursday, the DNC tweeted a graph revealing that average gas prices have dropped by less than two cents in a week – from $3.395 on November 22 to $3.38 on November 29. The tweet was accompanied by the laughable message, “Thanks, @JoeBiden.”

So if you’re following along at home, high gas prices are not the fault of President Biden, but the national average dropping by less than two cents is all due to President Biden.

These people are idiots.

Between the sixteen cents saved on your Fourth of July cook-out and the two cents saved on gas, Americans have a whole 18 cents to help cover the 35 percent increase in home heating this winter. Thanks, @JoeBiden!

The messaging coming out of the White House to defend or explain away increased consumer prices and rising inflation has been about as consistent as the White House’s COVID messaging. Which is to say, completely inconsistent and dishonest.

For months the White House claimed that inflation was a good thing because it proves that Americans are spending more money and the economy is booming. At the same time, they wanted Americans to know that inflation is bad, but don’t worry, it’s only “transitory” and will only last a few months.

Finally, this week Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell admitted to the Senate Banking Committee that this “transitory” inflation that would only last a few months will be with us through the foreseeable future.

On Tuesday, Fox News host Sean Hannity used his opening monologue to hammer the Biden administration for all the lies it has peddled about the economy and inflation.

He slammed the White House for spending months downplaying what has become the worst inflation in over three decades. He accused the Biden administration of doing nothing to address inflation while it continued to rise.

Hannity also singled out White House propagandist Jen Psaki for repeatedly dismissing rising consumer prices.

Watch Hannity’s entire opening monologue HERE.