Scott Walker Won’t Run For U.S. Senate 

( )- Republican former governor Scott Walker told a Milwaukee media outlet that he has no plans to challenge Democratic incumbent U.S. Senator from Wisconsin Tammy Baldwin next year. 

As the head of Young America’s Foundation (YAF), a conservative group, Walker told local media that he plans to stay in his current role. 

Walker said he didn’t see himself in the Senate.  Becoming a senator would be boring after being governor and getting so much done. 

But in an interview with The NY Times, Walker revealed his desire to one day run for president but not in 2024. 

According to the report, Walker was the Republican favorite in 2016 for a brief time until he ultimately withdrew from the campaign. 

Walker lost his 2018 reelection attempt to Democrat Tony Evers. 

When asked about his plans to run for president, Walker told local media that he’s much younger than President Biden, so he has time. He explained he needed to do the job he’s doing today with young people. Looking at the outlying demographic of voters aged 18–21, you will see that the vast majority (75%) support liberal candidates. Our most fundamental beliefs need to be brought back into line with their historical context. If we don’t make progress, it won’t matter who runs for office. 

Walker also pointed out that Evers won well among young voters in Wisconsin’s gubernatorial contest last year and reiterated his commitment to YAF until 2025. 

Reports show that in the Republican Party, no one has declared their Senate candidacy yet, but some are seriously contemplating it. 

Political strategist and conservative Kathy Barnette has ruled out a run for the Pennsylvania Senate in 2024.  She expressed her disinterest to the media in a forthright manner.

Barnette, an Army vet, made a late run for the Republican nomination for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat in 2022 and came in third.