School to Ban Grading Over “Equity” In California

( )- Schools in San Diego and Los Angeles are experimenting with the way they grade children, incorporating extremist ideas taken straight from the pages of Critical Race Theory books and removing the old system of grading.

Instead of the A-F grading system, teachers are reportedly moving to something that they consider to be more “equitable.” It’s part of an effort to ensure that children all perform to the same standard, and is based on the fallacy that non-white children are at a disadvantage in school because of systemic racism.

In California, several school districts so far have been told to apply grades to children based on whether or not those students have “learned what was expected of them during the course” and not to penalize those students for their missed deadlines, habits, or behavior.

In other words, if a teacher thinks they have done a good enough job of teaching the children, they can discount any bad behavior and just say everything is…fine.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, students have been struggling with meeting deadlines and learning to the standard they are expected to. Owing to students either being forced to learn at home on their computer or to wear masks when they make a rare visit to the classroom, students have been set back by at least one academic year.

Some 46% of students so far, in the class of 2022, are on track to meet college admission requirements. That’s compared to the 59% of students who were on track to graduate and meet college admission requirements in 2019.

According to a report by the Washington Examiner, the academic achievement gap between White and Asian students, and Hispanic and Black students, has gotten worse during the pandemic. It prompted school board officials and administrations in San Diego and Los Angeles to push for the new “equitable” form of grading.

It means that, sadly, schools will not focus on ensuring that Black and Hispanic students get additional attention when and where they need it, but will just be graded positively anyway.

What does that fix?

You can read the full report here.