School Teaches Students to Hex People Who Say All Lives Matter

( )- As part of its Critical Race Theory indoctrination, a California high school is encouraging its students to put hexes on people who commit microaggressions or say things like “all lives matter.”

No wonder American students are falling behind the rest of the world.

Campbell Union High School provides over one hundred “equity resources” to students, staff, teachers, and parents, including “Raising Race Conscious Children,” the garbage 1619 Project, “Anti-Racism for Beginners,” and “Social Identities and Systems of Oppression.”

But don’t worry. It’s just a conspiracy theory that Critical Race Theory is used in public schools.

The “equity resources” for Campbell Union have it all, including “white fragility” and instructing students that racism can only be committed by white people. It subjects students to anti-white rants and lectures while telling whites that they are steeped in white supremacy from the moment they are born.

For a while there, until news reports exposed the school’s CRT indoctrination, CUHS was also using the Black Lives Matter Resource Guide that includes classroom assignments where students have to write about police brutality and racist violence. Once their use of CRT was exposed, CUHS removed the Black Lives Matter guide from their “equity resources.”

Their “equity resources” also include a section titled “Hex” which explains that hexes are a great way to get your anger and frustration out. The section encourages students to write a “hex poem” that curses someone they’re mad at. It suggests they write a curse against anyone who commits microaggressions or says “all lives matter.”

It provides resources that are steeped in Marxism and militant black radicalism and teaches students that American institutions were built on white supremacy.

One source asserts that there is no such thing as “anti-white racism.” This source argues that racism is defined as the socially constructed oppression of people of color by a “hierarchy that privileges white people,” therefore it is impossible for white people to be victims of racism.

But remember folks. Critical Race Theory is a conspiracy theory, and the people who object to your children hexing people just don’t want slavery taught in schools.