School Principal Resigns After Slapping Student

( )- The principal of Akron’s I Promise School, one of the schools promoted by LeBron James’ foundation, resigned from her job on Friday after she was investigated for slapping a student in the mouth.

Brandi Davis’ resignation is the culmination of an investigation that began in late September after an 11-year-old student accused her of slapping him in the face for swearing. According to the boy’s mother, her son’s lip was busted and bleeding, despite his wearing a mask at the time.

Davis was put on administrative leave while the district conducted its investigation into the incident. That investigation has been completed, but the results of the investigation have not been publicly released.

The I Promise School is a joint venture between the Akron Public School District and the LeBron James Foundation. It is a nationally-recognized model for “trauma-informed” education geared toward helping at-risk kids … by slapping them in the face, apparently.

Brandi Davis was the inaugural principal of the school, which is now in its fourth year. Since her suspension in September, there have been two interim principals. The current interim principal, Anthony Lane, will remain in that role for the time being now that Davis has resigned.

The results of the district’s investigation into Davis will be forwarded to the state of Ohio to determine if there will be any long-term ramifications for her educator’s license.

While the investigation results have not been publicly released, the Akron Beacon Journal submitted a records request for the documents and published its findings on Friday, December 17.

According to Akron Beacon Journal, the testimony and sworn statements leave no doubt that Brandi Davis struck the 11-year-old boy in the mouth with her open hand. Using the documents it received, the Beacon Journal goes through the timeline moment-by-moment.

The Akron police have also confirmed that the incident was investigated and is currently under review at the prosecutor’s office. According to Akron Police Lt. Mike Miller, the investigation is “very near completion” and more details should be available in the coming days.