School Compromised After Predator Snuck Into School

( )- According to the reports, a registered pervert was arrested and taken into custody on Tuesday for trespassing at an elementary school in Connecticut.

Police arrested Alexander Robles on a charge of second-degree criminal trespassing after he entered Sarah Rawson Elementary School. It was reported that Robles entered the school in an apparent attempt to locate a bathroom.

Robles, now 48 years old, was incarcerated for sexual assault from 1996 to 1999. He was charged with three instances of sexual assault in 2002. Robles was also charged with criminal trespassing earlier in 2022 but did not appear in court to face these allegations.

Robles initially asked to use the restroom but was not permitted into the building.

He proceeded around the building and entered through a momentarily unlocked door by cafeteria employees waiting for a delivery. The door was located near the loading dock. Robles went into a bathroom in the kitchen area that was exclusively accessible to staff members that were found near the entrance. The staff immediately summoned security, and they assisted him in leaving the premises.

“Knowing that he simply just walked in a side door, everyone just has to know that if I open something, I have to close it right behind me,” Shameeka Williams, the aunt of a student at the elementary school, said.

In an interview with WSFB, a parent from Hartford named Alanna Johnson expressed her belief that other parents “deserve to know our children are safe and protected while they are in school.” They shouldn’t have to be concerned about a sexual predator attending the school in any capacity.

When the incident took place, classes were being held at the school but

Robles did not access any of the sections that kids occupied.