School Announces Ban of Political Propaganda In Schoolroom

( )- A Wisconsin school district banned displays of political and religious propaganda on Tuesday. The school board and superintendent voted to abolish preferred pronouns in school emails. The new rules include the ban on pride and Black Lives Matter material, which has liberals outraged.

An hour outside Milwaukee, the school board in Kettle Moraine, Wisconsin, approved the new measures 5-0. In addition to political symbols popular with leftist teachers, preferred pronouns are banned from school correspondence.

Superintendent Stephen Plum said that politics are highlighted this month, putting individuals in awkward positions. He trusts the personnel to help students. He thinks every staff member, custodian, and teacher should know that it’s in the student’s best interest to look out for them and build healthy relationships.

The school board approved Plum’s position amid substantial criticism during a Tuesday meeting.

ACLU of Wisconsin attorney Christine Donahoe asked that if the policy states ‘nothing political,’ can one have a sign that reads ‘Support our Troops,’ ‘Believe Women,’ or ‘Save the Planet?’

Donahue believes that by certain definitions, all of them are political. She said it looks like targeted attacks on specific beliefs, like LGBT groups or safe places for kids of color.

A transgender freshman opposed the policy at Tuesday’s meeting, saying they don’t want to be misgendered and want people to know they can feel safe around him.

Edith Cramer, who prefers “he/him” pronouns with the 100% female name, does not want to be misgendered.

School board president Gary Vose stuck by the decision despite the pressure. “This isn’t a case where we’re attempting to discriminate against any group or groups,” Vose said. He said they’re just trying to bring clarity to allow staff to know where the line is drawn on these various things.

Only Jim Romanowski voted against the ban, stating he changed his mind after hearing from students and employees.

In November, the Kettle Moraine School District was criticized for using male pronouns for a female student over parental protests. The girl’s parents sued.

The 12-year-old’s parents sued the district, saying it violated their constitutional rights.

More than 13,000 people have signed a petition to overturn the regulation.