Scarlett Johansson Claims She’s A Victim From Her Role As Black Widow

( )- With her upcoming Avengers-related movie “Black Widow” just weeks away from release, the news that actress Scarlett Johansson is griping about how her Marvel character was treated in the previous Avenger films probably won’t do much to help with publicity.

What really got her goat apparently was how her character “Natasha” was treated like a “piece of ass” in the “Iron Man” sequel.

Admitting that she had a fun in filming Iron Man 2, Johansson had nothing but contempt for how her character was written and filmed — claiming her character Natasha was “so sexualized, you know?”

Johansson’s remarks, which appear in an interview that was released last week by Collider, were made during a 2019 press visit to the set while “Black Widow” was in production.

Johansson cites specific scenes from Iron Man 2 as examples of how Natasha was treated “like she’s a piece of something, like a possession or a thing or whatever – like a piece of ass, really.”

Scarlett could’ve always turned down the role. It isn’t as if she was working in a forced labor camp.

Ironically, Johansson acknowledges the erotic elements of her character – saying of Natasha that she uses sexuality as “a means to feel” as well as a tactic to manipulate others.

So why complain?

Lucky for Scarlett, the “Black Widow” movie will revolve around the idea of “sisterhood” and the “complicated feelings” that stem from Natasha and her ally Yelena Belova’s “complicated relationship.”

Johansson claims this gender studies-style “empowering” plot means “young girls” will now get “a much more positive message,” adding that she is excited to be a part “of that shift.”

Much of the same “Girl Power” messaging played a large part in Marvel’s decision to cast a woman in the title role of the 2019 film Captain Marvel, which of course the media hyped like crazy.

“Black Widow” was originally scheduled to premiere in May of 2020, however, the lockdowns due to the COVID pandemic delayed its release until this July. Which means there is finally something good that came out of the pandemic.