Sarah Palin’s Had Enough Of Prince Harry

( )- Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin hit out at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently during an interview on Britain’s GB News channel, slamming the British royal – who abandoned his duties in the United Kingdom for a new life in California – for “airing dirty laundry” about the. Royal Family.

Palin, who is best known for her 2008 vice-presidential run, mocked Harry for his bizarre claim that he warned Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey the day before the January 6 riots in Washington, D.C.

She asked where harry “pulled that out of” and then talked about how his wife, Meghan Markle, is now “capitalizing” on her ability to spread negativity and false claims about the British Royal Family.

Don’t forget that Markle enjoyed a multi-million-dollar wedding paid for by the British taxpayers, who welcomed her into the family at first but soon learned that she wasn’t committed to becoming a British royal at all.

One of the most important rules about being a British Royal, for instance, is remaining politically neutral – something Markle is clearly incapable of doing.

Palin was responding to a claim made by 37-year-old Prince Harry that he warned Jack Dorsey that his platform was “allowing a coup to be staged.”

That alone should be enough for Queen Elizabeth II to strip Harry of any remaining Royal titles.

“I haven’t heard anyone claim that they were prophetic and providential as to be able to predict that,” Palin told Wootton on GB News.

“I don’t like people airing dirty laundry about their family in public, I mean there’s enough attacks on the family unit today,” she added.

Palin, who has long been smeared and mocked by the radical left, still has more compassion than anybody on the left – and she proved that in this interview.