Sarah Palin’s Ex In-Laws Are Trying To Ruin Her Congressional Campaign

( )- Sarah Palin is back on the political scene in Alaska, but she isn’t getting the support of everyone who’s close to her.

Federal Election Commission reports released earlier this week show that Palins former in-laws, Faye and Jim Palin, have contributed to money to the campaign of one of Palin’s biggest Republican challengers, Nick Begich III.

On May 19, Faye Palin, the mother of Todd Palin, Sarah Palin’s ex-husband, contributed $250 to Begich’s campaign. He will be running against Palin, the former governor of Alaska, for the special election for the at-large seat in the House for the state.

In mid-April, Palin’s ex-in-laws pledged their support for Begich publicly when they posted two messages on his Facebook page.

Jim Palin wrote:

“We know many of our elected officials and candidates on a first name basis. It also makes it hard sometimes in picking who to vote for. This election, Nick Begich is getting my vote.”

And Faye Palin wrote:

“Nick and I share similar views on what’s best for Alaska’s future. He’s the kind of guy that’ll roll up his shirt sleeves and work tirelessly for all Alaskans.”

In 2020, Palin divorced from Todd Palin. The two have five children together.

Despite their divorce not coming until 2020, Palin’s now ex-in-laws have gone against her political career even before that. Back in 2008, only a few days after Republican Senator John McCain named Palin as his running mate in the presidential election, Faye said that she wasn’t sure whether she’d vote for McCain-Palin or Democratic candidate Barack Obama in that upcoming election.

At the time, Faye spoke to the New York Daily News about her daughter-in-law:

“I’m not sure what she brings to the ticket other than she’s a woman and a conservative. Well, she’s a better speaker than McCain.”

The mother- and daughter-in-law apparently didn’t see eye-to-eye on other occasions, too. In fact, Faye once ran to become the mayor of the town of Wasilla, Alaska, which would have put her in the position directly after Sarah Palin held that position.

But, Palin didn’t endorse her mother-in-law for the position because she supporting a woman’s right to an abortion.

Palin’s ex-in-laws are both registered independent voters. Voting records in Alaska show that the pair have each cast their ballots on April 27 as part of the state’s mail-in absentee ballot process.

In 2008, Palin was a big riser in the Republican Party. She ascended to becoming the vice presidential candidate for the party after being governor of Alaska. Since that time, though, she has disappeared from the political scene.

Recently, though, she has re-emerged and threw her hat into the ring to fill the empty seat on the House of Representatives from Alaska. She’s hoping to secure the GOP nomination, based on the fact that she still has a lot of supporters in the state.

There’s only been one poll conducted on Alaska’s special election, according to Business Insider, and it shows that Palin is ahead of her challengers. That same poll, though, showed most voters have a negative view of Palin, so it’s uncertain whether she will be successful in her return to politics.