San Francisco To Remove Dianne Feinstein From School Name

(RoyalPatriot)- The San Francisco public school district is wiping away history from the names of its schools.

The public school board voted 6-1 on Tuesday to remove the names of many historical figures from their school buildings. Among the names on the list are former presidents Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Also included is California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Past actions of all the people whose names are being removed from school buildings were the reason for the decision. Washington and Jefferson owned slaves. While he ended slavery, Lincoln has become controversial to some in recent years because people have claimed he was oppressive toward indigenous people.

Feinstein allegedly replaced a Confederate flag outside of San Francisco’s City Hall when she was mayor in 1986. The report said the flag was damaged outside City Hall, and she put a new one back up. Once the flag was pulled down for a second time, Feinstein didn’t replace it.

Other people whose names will be pulled off schools in the city include former presidents James Garfield, Herbert Hoover, William McKinley and James Monroe; author Robert Louis Stevenson; Paul Revere, a hero of the Revolutionary War; and Francis Scott Key, who wrote the words to the United States national anthem.

Anti-racism protests that erupted across the country last summer brought the actions of historical figures into focus. Many protesters ripped down Confederate statues. They also targeted monuments to other historical figures such as Jefferson, Lincoln and Washington, which they said were offensive.

It’s all part of the cancel culture phenomenon that has seeped into life today in America.

Back in October, London Breed, the mayor of San Francisco, called the plan to remove the names from schools “offensive.” He said the school board should instead focus on re-opening schools that had been closed during the coronavirus pandemic, instead of focusing on re-naming them.

At the time, he said:

“It’s offensive to parents who are juggling their children’s daily at-home learning schedules with doing their own jobs and maintaining their sanity. It’s offensive to me as someone who went to our public schools, who loves our public schools and who knows how those years in the classroom are what lifted me out of poverty and into college. It’s offensive to our kids who are staring at screens day after day instead of learning and growing with their classmates and friends.”

Potentially the worst part about the entire situation is that removing the signs at 44 schools throughout the city will cost the district more than $400,000. The total cost could actually be closer to $1 million if you factor in replacing activity uniforms and re-painting gym floors, for example.

All this while the school district is facing a severe budget deficit, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The school board only talked about re-naming buildings at their meeting this week. They didn’t discuss any measures for how the district could re-open schools that have remained shuttered due to the pandemic.