Russian TV Hacked By Hackers With Dire Message

( )- When Russians tuned in to see the country’s Victory Day parade, they were instead given an anti-war message, thanks to a breach of its television listings system.

The descriptions of shows on numerous major networks, including Channel One, Rossiya-1, and NTV-Plus, were altered or deleted.

All program listings were replaced with the following statement:

“On your hands is the blood of thousands of Ukrainians and their hundreds of murdered children. TV and the authorities are lying. No to war.”

According to reports, the message was broadcast on Sunday night. The hack was also reported on Twitter by the pro-Kremlin news website

A tweet from said that instead of the program guide and station descriptions on their televisions tonight, viewers were treated to inflammatory anti-war slogans.

According to the tweet, the cybercriminals targeted MTS, Rostelecom, NTV-Plus, and the Yandex TV program.

The source of the hack was not immediately known, but it looked to have been timed to interfere with coverage of Russia’s Victory Day military parade on Monday.

The festival on May 9, which commemorates the 77th anniversary of the conclusion of World War II and the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in 1945, falls at a time when Russia has escalated its offensive against neighboring Ukraine, which is now in its 11th week.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin spoke at the march in Moscow’s Red Square, defending the conflict but declining to mention Ukraine. The West was preparing for an “attack of our territory,” and he said that the invasion was defensive.

Putin said that NATO countries did not want to hear what Russia had to say. They had various plans, and he was able to see them.

The Russian leader said that an invasion of ancient homelands, including Crimea, was planned by these terrorists. It was an intolerable threat because it was a threat that came right up against our border. It was becoming stronger by the day.

He said he knew he had to do something and to do something quickly. He took the only logical course of action available – murdering children.