Russian State TV Host Says “Why Do We Need The World If Russia Isn’t In It?”

( )- The Soviet Union might be long dead, but the propaganda machine it created is alive and well in Russia.

After President Vladimir Putin ordered that Russia’s nuclear forces be put on high alert, a Russian news anchor, known as “Putin’s Propagandist,” cheered the move and suggested that the West would be destroyed if it continued to threaten Moscow.

In his Vesti Nedeli weekly news show on state-run Rossiya 1 channel, anchor Dmitry Kiselyov warned that Russian submarines can fire over 500 nuclear warheads, guaranteeing the destruction of the United States and every other NATO country.

Playing up the might of Russia’s nuclear arsenal that can be “delivered by the world’s fastest strategic bombers,” Kiselyov asked if Russia wasn’t part of the world then “why do we need the world.”

Kiselyov praised Putin for deciding to put his nuclear forces on high alert, calling it a decision of “utmost importance” in response to “illegitimate” sanctions and NATO’s “aggressive statements.”

He boasted that the West had nothing on Russia’s weapons capability that includes not only its nuclear arsenal but also its “superweapons” like the hypersonic missile.

This is hardly surprising. State-run media’s job is to promote Putin’s war and back up the Kremlin’s claim that Russian forces are the brave liberators who are rescuing Ukraine from the so-called “genocidal” “Nazis” in Kyiv.

To that end, the other day, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Kiselev accused German chancellor Olaf Scholz of “solidarity with the genocide of today.”

Another Russian-state TV host, Olga Skabeyeva also promoted the “Nazi” propaganda, claiming Ukrainian “Nazis” were committing genocide in Donbas.

The goal is to convince the Russian people that it is the West and not Vladimir Putin that is the cause of the current conflict in Ukraine.