Russian Dissident Navalny: Biden Is ‘Like a Frightened Schoolboy’ as Putin Pulls the Wool Over His Eyes

( )- Alexei Navalny, the Russian dissident locked up in prison over his public opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Time magazine recently that President Joe Biden needs to do more about Russia – and that he must stop allowing Putin to push him around.

In an exchange of letters with the media outlet, Navalny responded to questions about Russian-American relations and the growing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. He said that time and time again, Western countries are falling into “Putin’s elementary traps.”

Navalny explained how Putin works, saying that he will start by issuing “insane, laughable demands” like the most recent one where he claimed that he and President Biden will need to sit in a “smoke-filled room and decide the fate of Europe like we’re back in 1944.”

Navalny also said that, if Biden doesn’t agree, then Putin would simply “pull something.”

Other demands from Putin recently have included his insistence that NATO forces provide “reassurances” to Russia that they will not get involved in any potential military conflict between Ukraine and Russia – a demand that European nations and the United States clearly can’t agree to.

He insisted that instead of ignoring President Putin’s “nonsense,” the United States has repeatedly accepted Putin’s agenda and “runs to organize some kind of meetings.”

“Just like a frightened schoolboy who’s been bullied by an upperclassman,” he told Time Magazine.

As he wrote these letters, Russian government officials were reportedly mulling over the possibility of relocating Russian nuclear missiles to locations just off the coast of the United States, potentially reducing the warning time for a nuclear launch to just five minutes.

Is President Joe Biden, and his “frightened schoolboy” approach to Putin, about to bring back the Cuban Missile Crisis?