Russia To Be Invaded By Ukraine In Shocking Turn Of The Tables

( )- Oh, how the turn tables.

The United States is no longer prohibiting Ukraine from conducting drone strikes on Russian territory. Ukraine has already begun using unmanned aircraft to attack Russian air bases, according to a report from 19FortyFive.

The U.S. initially restricted Ukraine from hitting Russia within its borders because it feared an escalation of the war. But it had given Kyiv approval after Russia continued to attack civilians with its drones.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly unhappy with the new policy and has once again threatened to deploy nuclear weapons.

“This is playing with fire, risking full-scale war which could easily go nuclear,” a source close to Putin reportedly said referring to the U.S.’s new position.

Russia has continued to attack civilians using the Iranian-made Shahed-136 against Ukraine’s power and water infrastructure. Last month, Zelensky claimed that Russian strikes had cut more than 40% of the country’s infrastructure. As a result, the European Commission for Energy stopped exporting energy to Europe. Russia also reportedly destroyed the eastern city of Bakhmut.

In response, Ukraine had launched drones into vital Russian air bases using unmanned Soviet-era relics that were initially designed to be used as photo-reconnaissance crafts during the Cold War. The attack reportedly killed at least three Russian personnel and damaged two Tu-95 bombers earlier in December. The mission was allegedly an attack on Russia’s nuclear triad as the aircraft were nuclear-capable.

Russia is now taking measures to secure its air defenses after allowing the Ukrainian drone to pass through their skies undetected. Ukraine is also requesting that the United States provide them with long-range ATACMS guided missiles for its HIMARS rocket launchers to reach further into Russia, which the U.S. has denied.

A Ukrainian defense official reportedly said that soon Russia will have “no safe zones” and will be able to reach any target in the country.