Russia Reportedly Behind A “Satan” Test 

( )- On Monday, when President Biden was in Ukraine, Russia allegedly launched an extremely provocative test of an intercontinental ballistic missile, according to a story published by CNN on Tuesday night citing two unidentified US officials. 

We don’t know why the US thinks the ICBM test “failed,” but our sources say it’s because Putin didn’t bring it up in his major address in Moscow on Tuesday. 

One official has said that Russia informed the United States of the launch’s impending arrival through deconfliction channels. CNN quotes an anonymous source as saying, that the United States does not consider this test to be an “outlier or an escalation.” 

It was reportedly a test of a heavy SARMAT missile, a nuclear weapon also known as the “Satan II” in the West. 

CNN highlighted the following allegedly inconclusive “proof” of the alleged test failure: 

U.S. officials believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin would have mentioned the test in Tuesday’s State of the Country address if it had been successful. 

Putin, on the other hand, spent 1 hour and 45 minutes talking and never once mentioned the launch. The final surviving deal that limits the world’s two greatest nuclear arsenals was put in jeopardy, however, when he publicly announced that Russia would be suspending its participation in the New START nuclear weapons reduction treaty with the United States. 

There is still time for Russia to disseminate film of the SARMAT missile launch later in the week, provided it did occur, in order to convey a loud and menacing message. 

The Kremlin will sometimes provide official footage of a significant weapons test to the public. Sometimes videos become leaked months or even years after the fact. 

If the Kremlin conducted a ‘Satan II’ missile test with Biden in Kyiv and released the video while he is still traveling in Eastern Europe (currently in Poland), this would undoubtedly be seen as a major escalation and threatening by the West, as it sends an obvious and ominous ‘message’ at a moment when America’s president is within the potential battle zone.