Rueters Reporter Asks If White House Will Go After Right Wingers

( )- A Reuters journalist is attempting to pressure President Joe Biden to take action and investigate the so-called “right-wing forces” behind the trucker protest currently taking place in Ottawa, Canada. It comes as truckers continue their demonstrations against authoritarian COVID-19 vaccine mandates, and left-wing extremists lose their collective minds at working-class patriots standing up to tyranny.

Andrea Shalala asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Monday whether the Biden administration was investigating conservative and “right-wing forces” who are providing support to the Freedom Convoy protesters in Canada.

And when Shalala asked, it was more than just a question. It was a nod to the Biden administration that this is something they should be doing.

Psaki wasn’t quite sure how to respond, adding that she didn’t have any update or investigation to read out at this stage, but she certainly left the briefing room that day with new ideas.

What Shalala also didn’t seem to mention is that the people protesting in Ottawa and other parts of Canada aren’t all right-wing. In fact, they’re just regular truckers who don’t believe that vaccine mandates are fair, and that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s approach to the pandemic has been overreaching, authoritarian, and inappropriate.

That didn’t stop her from claiming that there is “evidence” that the truckers are “receiving support” from conservatives in the United States.

“Are you investigating that at all? Is there any kind of involvement, you know, of U.S. authorities looking at the money flows going to these truckers, or are you concerned about it?” she asked.

It’s just another clear example of far-left journalists inciting division.

Will it ever stop?