Rudy Giuliani’s Law License In Doubt As D.C. Tries To Ruin Him

( )- Rudy Giuliani is facing a hearing that could see him lose his license to practice law in Washington, D.C.

On Monday, during the first day of the hearings, the D.C. disciplinary counsel said that the former mayor of New York City and one-time personal lawyer to Donald Trump “weaponized his law license.”

In his opening statement, Hamilton Fox, the disciplinary counsel, said that by fighting for Trump’s “big lie” that the 2020 presidential election was stolen, Giuliani was assaulting the Constitution that he had taken an oath to uphold.

Hamilton said:

“Nobody would disagree that the right to vote is fundamental. Not much written about it in the Constitution, but we’ve amended the Constitution three times.”

Hamilton was referring to the 15th Amendment, which extended the right to vote to Black men who were freed; then the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote; and finally the 26th Amendment, which said voting rights shouldn’t be abridged because of age as long as they were over 18 years old.

Fox also noted that people protested, marched and even died for the right to vote, adding:

“Mr. Giuliani was responsible for filing a frivolous action asking a court in Pennsylvania to deny millions of people the right to vote.”

The D.C Bar is accusing Giuliani of conduct that is “prejudicial to the administration of justice” as part of his efforts to overturn the 2020 election nationwide so that Trump would win instead of Democrat Joe Biden.

Monday’s hearing specifically focused in on the “frivolous” lawsuit that Giuliani filed in Pennsylvania federal court. Fox said that this was the only case that Giuliani “personally litigated.”

Fox charged that Giuliani — like many of the allies and surrogates of Trump at that time — requested unprecedented and audacious judicial action to be taken. Fox said that, at the least, Giuliani was requesting that the federal judge ultimately throw out nearly 680,000 mail-in ballots. At maximum, Giuliani was petitioning the court to invalidate almost 7 million voting ballots in their entirety, in hopes that the state legislature would decide the winner of the election in Pennsylvania.

Nothing that in U.S. history no other court had ever been asked to consider a remember like that, Fox said:

“A constitutional democracy like ours does not work unless the loser honors the decision of the voters.”

Giuliani had his license to practice law in Washington, D.C., suspended by the D.C. Court of Appeals in July of 2021. About a year after that, disciplinary action was launched into him by the D.C. Board of Professional Responsibility.

All the way, the former New York City mayor hasn’t backed off his claims, instead doubling down on denying the election results. He has sought to call witnesses in the case who are very pro-Trump and who were involved quite deeply in the efforts to overturn the election.

Giuliani’s lawyer in the case, John Leventhal, argued that there was a reasonable basis for his client to bring forth the case. He said:

“The claims based on the denial of equal protection and due process were properly plead and were certainly not frivolous.”