Rudy Giuliani Took Almost No Pay  

( )- Former President Donald Trump has taken money from his Save America PAC to pay his legal bills, specifically paying his lawyers to fight the multiple cases he has pending, according to The Daily Mail.  

The cases include his defense against allegations of tax fraud in the Trump Organization; classified material found by the FBI at his estate in Mar-a-Lago; allegations that he interfered in the 2020 presidential election in Georgia; and claims that he incited the January 6 Capitol riot that Democrats have since called an “insurrection.”  

But among the lawyers that Trump reportedly doled out $10 million to, Rudy Giuliani was not one of them, according to federal election filings. Trump allegedly told Giuliani that he would be paid if he won the lawsuit claiming that the 2020 election was stolen from him. The Supreme Court, however, refused to even hear the case brought to them.  

It’s unclear whether Trump is still able to use the money from the PAC to pay his personal legal bills now that he announced his candidacy for 2024. Jason Torchinsky, a campaign finance expert, said that such a move would be illegal because the payments to the lawyers are greater than the contribution limit.  

While the contribution limit is $3,300, the largest paycheck written was for $3 million to Florida-based law firm Critton, Luttier and Coleman. Silverman Thompson Slutkin and White, which is working on the classified douments case, also received $1.3 million. This is where Evan Corcoran works.  

Corcoran has recently hired Michael Levy to represent him as U.S. Special Counsel Jack Smith carries out his investigation into the classified documents, according to Reuters. He has also testified in front of a grand jury as prosecutors try to pierce the attorney-client privilege he had with Trump, arguing that evidence of a crime has been uncovered.