Rudy Giuliani Says Child Trafficking Is “A Lot Deeper Than We Realize”

During a recent interview, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani questioned the left’s motive for attacking the film “Sound of Freedom,” Mediaite reported.

In Rolling Stone’s review of the film, critic Miles Klee claimed both “Sound of Freedom” and its star Jim Caviezel promote QAnon conspiracies. Klee also accused Tim Ballard, the person whose experience is recounted in the film, of being “Q-adjacent.”

Likewise, the review in the UK Guardian also described the film as “the QAnon adjacent thriller,” while Jezebel described it as an “anti-trafficking fantasy fit for QAnon.”

While appearing on podcaster Steve Bannon’s “War Room” on Monday, Giuliani mentioned that he saw the film and suggested that the left’s reaction to it was “very telling.”

He claimed that the “perversion of our children” “goes a lot deeper than we realize,” and suggested that those attacking “Sound of Freedom” must have “a motive for it.”

In related news, last week, Rudy Giuliani came one step closer to having his license to practice law in Washington DC revoked.

Last Friday, the committee that oversees attorney conduct in the nation’s capital recommended that Giuliani be disbarred, the Washington Post reported.

The Ad Hoc Hearing Committee for Washington’s Board of Professional Responsibility determined that Giuliani should not be permitted to practice law in Washington DC in light of his attempts to block the 2020 presidential election results in Pennsylvania.

In its finding, the three-person committee determined that Guiliani’s “massive election fraud” claims were made without any evidence. They concluded that as a “sworn officer of the court,” Giuliani “forfeited his right to practice law” by pursuing the “destructive case” and therefore “should be disbarred.”

The full Board of Professional Responsibility is expected to review the committee’s recommendation during oral arguments and briefings later this year. Once the board makes its decision, the DC Court of Appeals, which makes the final decision on disbarments, will review the case.