Rudy Giuliani Reveals Trump’s Plot Blow Up Putin’s ‘Gold Bubbles

( )- The still maintains that Trump and Putin are buddies, and Russia didn’t invade Ukraine because it wasn’t necessary. Trump was giving them everything they wanted.

But a story told to a Newsmax panel by Rudy Giuliani seems to paint a different picture of the Trump/Putin relationship.

Giuliani said that while in office, former President Donald Trump made a bizarre but hilarious threat to the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The former mayor of New York, and Trump confidante Giuliani, said that Trump had given the okay to share the details of a meeting with Putin where Ukraine became the central focus of the conversation.

Giuliani says that Trump said, “Vladimir, you shouldn’t attack Ukraine. I never liked those big, what are those things you got in Moscow, those big bubbles? I never liked those things, those big gold bubbles, so I’m going to have to blow them up.”

Trump could have been referring to the Cathedral of the Annunciation, which is in the Kremlin and has gold onion domes. The popular belief is that the Onion domes symbolize burning candles, and they often appear in groups of three, representing the Holy Trinity.

Giuliani said Putin replied to Trump, “They’re churches!”

Trump purportedly said, “Oh, Vladimir, don’t tell me that about churches, c’mon. Churches? You can fool Bush, you can’t fool me. You care about churches?”

The anecdote cracked up the Newsmax panel.

Before telling this story, Giuliani praised Trump as a genius, dismayed that his critics can’t see the wisdom of keeping Putin in his hip pocket by showering him with praise, telling him he’s so intelligent.

Giuliani reminded the panel that he did the same thing with “that guy in North Korea.”

The left wanted it both ways with Trump. If he flattered an enemy, he was in cahoots with them or was scared and weak. If he were strict with our enemies, he would thrust us into an international crisis and the start of World War III.

Trump knows the art of the deal, and it’s served him well, and his techniques served America favorably.