Rudy Giuliani Accidentally Wore Two Watches During Hearing

( )- During his D.C. Bar disciplinary hearing on Monday, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani admitted on camera to accidentally wearing two watches.

In a video posted on Twitter by Anti-Trump Resistance member Ron Filipkowski, a grainy Giuliani is seen seated next to his lawyer John Leventhal as the hearing was pausing for a break.

Giuliani says “thank you,” and then begins to push away from the desk. He looks at his wrist and notices that he is wearing two wristwatches.

Giuliani tells Leventhal, “You know I have two watches on?” prompting Leventhal to tap his arm. Giuliani, realizing he is still on camera, covers his mouth with his hand.

Giuliani is facing possible sanctions from the D.C. Bar that could result in the loss of his law license over accusations that he brought false claims of election fraud.

Monday’s hearing before the D.C. Bar’s Board of Professional Responsibility primarily dealt with actions Giuliani took in Pennsylvania.

In his opening remarks at the hearing, Phil Fox, an attorney with the Board of Professional Responsibility, accused Giuliani of filing a “frivolous action” in asking a federal court “to deprive millions” of Pennsylvania voters “of their right to vote.”

Fox claimed Giuliani’s actions were unprecedented and his lawsuit was without a “factual basis.”

In the Pennsylvania suit, Giuliani claimed widespread irregularities in the state’s voting process. It was quickly thrown out by a judge whose decision was upheld by the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals.

Phil Fox argued in the hearing that the remedies Giuliani prescribed included asking the court to throw out between 680,000 to 7 million votes.

John Leventhal argued that his client had a reasonable basis for pursuing allegations of fraud in Pennsylvania and that there was no evidence Giuliani “intentionally violated” any rules of professional conduct.

During Monday’s hearing, Giuliani told the panel that he has been “persecuted for three or four years.”

The hearings are scheduled to continue through the next week.