Rose McGowan Was Almost Run Off the Road After Accusing the Clintons

( )- In early September, actress Rose McGowan went scorched earth on Hillary Clinton. And now some suspect that the Clinton Crime Family might have hit back.

After the Supreme Court refused to intervene to stop the Texas “Heartbeat” law from going into effect, Hillary Clinton took to Twitter full of sound, fury and demagoguery, accusing SCOTUS of operating “under the cover of darkness” and vowing to fight back.

Hillary’s angry tweet was picked up by Breitbart News shortly afterward.

Later, McGowan tweeted out the link to the Breitbart article and included a rather vicious and cryptic message directly to Hillary.

Calling Mrs. Clinton “a shadow leader in service of evil” and an “enemy of what is right and moral,” McGowan accused Hillary of representing “no flag, no country, no soul.” She said Hillary eats hope and twists minds.

Can’t really argue with any of that, can you?

Then, and here’s the cryptic part, McGowan threw in “I’ve been in a hotel room with your husband and here comes the bomb.”

McGowan’s tweet resulted in a firestorm of speculation on the Internet.

But it also left some people a bit concerned for Rose’s safety.

People who tangle with the Clintons often find themselves committing suicide by a bullet to the back of the head, or dying in a “robbery” where nothing is taken. McGowan’s fans didn’t relish the thought of Rose joining the Clinton body count.

Well last week, McGowan posted this brief video to Twitter claiming that someone had tried to run her off the road and had broken into her house. At the end of the clip, McGowan says “Hello, Democrats.”

In response to McGowan posting this clip, Paul Joseph Watson posted a video asking if these two incidents could be connected.

Back in 2016, one website created the “Clinton death list” which chronicled all the people in the Clinton orbit who met an untimely end. Since then, this list has been updated to include the June 12, 2021 “suicide” of the TV news reporter who broke the story of the sneaky tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and then-attorney general Loretta Lynch.