Ron DeSantis Wife Reveals How He Helped Her While She Had Cancer

( )- Florida’s first lady is back after recovering from breast cancer, and she wants everyone to know her husband has been supportive.

Casey DeSantis said if she starts talking about how great her husband is, she loses it. And that’s not good because her mascara isn’t waterproof.

She said that the governor has been with her “every step of the way.”

Casey DeSantis said Ron DeSantis held her hand during all six chemo treatments. “He’s helped me literally and figuratively,” she said.

The couple announced the diagnosis in October 2021.

Casey DeSantis, 41, is her husband’s top confidante and took a break from his press events to focus on her health. Ron DeSantis is widely considered a top contender for the presidency in 2024 if Donald Trump doesn’t run.

On Tuesday, his wife’s comments show a softer side to the sometimes controversial governor, who fans cultural battles, aggressively confronts journalists, and fights the Biden administration.

A former news show host, Casey DeSantis, may prioritize cancer care as the first lady. She’s focused on children’s mental health since her husband took office.

The couple announced $100 million for cancer research on Tuesday. The legislature increased funding by $37 million.

Breast cancer is “beatable,” Ron DeSantis said it’s not easy. It’s challenging, but one should have faith and fight hard because the advances are significant.

Speaking about her breast cancer diagnosis, Casey said she felt a dull sensation but no lumps. Despite being told by her OB-GYN that she was okay, she insisted on a mammogram.
Hearing about others’ recoveries helped her after her diagnosis, she said. She said the governor’s office would soon announce a public health project “to share the good news.”

Ron DeSantis, 43, also spoke about his initial fears for his children, Madison, 5, Mason, 4, and Mamie, 2. His mother, a nurse, had breast cancer when he was a child. He praised his wife for her positive attitude during treatment. American Cancer Society: 5-year breast cancer survival rate is 90%.

The governor said of his wife, “She was always doing whatever she could to make sure the kids and I were good.” She’s a winner.

Casey DeSantis said they wouldn’t tell their kids until they were older.

“They’ll know their dada stood by mama and fought this,” she said.