Ron DeSantis Says One Agency Should Not Be Allowed To Shut Down Entire Industry

( )- Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis isn’t backing down over the Centers for Disease Control’s continued efforts to shut down the hugely successful and profitable cruise line industry in his state.

After failing to come to an agreement with the CDC over their restrictive rules and mandates, requiring that 95% of cruise passengers are vaccinated, Governor DeSantis filed a lawsuit and this week celebrated a victory of a federal ruling that challenged the CDC’s control over the industry in his state.

Judge Steven Merryday sided with Governor DeSantis on Friday, saying that the order from the CDC exceeds its authority as a federal agency.

DeSantis celebrated the ruling and said that it will have implications across the country, and not just in his state.

In a tweet, he said that the CDC’s order was “unlawful” and a “bureaucratic overreach,” granting a victory for Florida tourism and jobs.

DeSantis also encouraged other governors to take similar action and said that the court systems also have the power to fight back against overreach from the federal government and the CDC.

He said that the only reason that the CDC’s authority is being challenged and discussed nationally is because of the success of the lawsuits filed by Florida, and that without them, the nation would have seen the “status quo” of the CDC telling businesses what they can and cannot do.

DeSantis’ fight against vaccine passports could lay the framework for other states rejecting any plans put forward by the federal government or as part of private industry initiatives, and protect the rights of Americans who wish to access businesses and services without being forced to take the COVID-19 vaccine.