Ron DeSantis Says Emergency Managers Have Decades Of Experience

( )- Speaking with an OAN reporter about the severity of Hurricane Ian, Governor Ron DeSantis said there were a couple of things to consider.

He said foremost that it was a very powerful massive storm, making it to shore at about 155 miles an hour, which is barely under category 5.

DeSantis said that when you have storms of that magnitude, they can be a buzzsaw. Ian is broad. It’s kicking up storm surge and bringing down water. He said you’re going to see flooding, and it’s going to rip through the whole state, not at Hurricane strength, but it’s going to dump a lot of water, and it’s going to lead to the trees falling, and power going out.

The OAN reporter noted that the State of Florida went more than a dozen years without a severe hurricane, and then it “sort of picked up.” He asked the Governor what lessons had been learned from recent hurricanes he brings into this.

DeSantis said that Florida has more ability to respond than has ever been done in the history of the State of Florida. Lessons learned. It’s not just at the state level; every county has an emergency management department. These people have been doing it for 20 to 30 years. The accumulated amount of experience on just the southwest Florida coast is incredible.”

The Governor said that, obviously, they have a lot of experience here, and you learn what didn’t work in the past and what’s working now. So he thinks they’ve amassed more resources, ready to go, that’ll be life safety to help people that may be In harm’s way when the storm passes. Then it’s also time to get the critical infrastructure back up and the power back on.

OAN noted that DeSantis was straightforward, telling people to evacuate while they had the chance, and then that tone changed, telling people if they were on the path to shelter in place. He asked what the message was to those people who were hunkered down, sheltering in place.

DeSantis said to stay put. First Responders will not go out in the midst of a category four hurricane. But it will pass. And then people will want to give you help.

This hurricane has shown that DeSantis instills confidence and great