Ron DeSantis Office Denies Allegations Regarding Trump

( )- Popular Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis has denied claims that his offed pled with former President Donald Trump to cancel a rally in Florida as search and rescue efforts continued in Surfside following the tragic collapse of a condo building.

Christina Pushaw, Governor DeSantis’ press secretary, told the press that at no time did the governor’s office issue a “plea” with former President Trump to cancel his speech, and that the confusion could have been cleared up very easily…if left-wing media outlets had just asked Governor DeSantis’ office in the first place.

But then they’d have been denied a story, wouldn’t they?

Pushaw told Fox that the governor’s office wasn’t given sufficient time to respond to questions by media outlets, which prompted news outlets to wrongly claim that DeSantis was trying to stop Trump from hosting the Sarasota event.

The Washington Examiner first ran with the story, and Pushaw said that reporter behind it neglected to contact DeSantis’ office until an hour before the deadline, meaning they never got a comment in time.

Well, that’s one way to fabricate a headline, isn’t it? Come up with a story, whether it’s fabricated or just from a questionable source, and then don’t give those who could prove it wrong very much time to dispute it.

By the time DeSantis’ office could dispute the inaccurate claims, the story was already out there!

The story came at a convenient time. Not only is Governor DeSantis being widely praised for his excellent response to the tragic Surfside condo collapse, but former President Donald Trump is doing the rounds in what is widely believed to be a precursor to a fresh presidential campaign…and DeSantis is generally considered to be a top candidate for VP under a Trump ticket.