Ron DeSantis Leaving U.S., Heading To Israel 

( )- Throughout his tenure in office, Governor Ron DeSantis has been a strong advocate for Israel, even going so far as to back the Trump administration’s plan to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem. In 2019, he presided over a trade trip to Israel, where he also convened a ceremonial assembly of the Florida Cabinet. As governor, he has also advocated for increased security funding for Jewish schools and taken action against businesses that engage in boycotts or restrictions on trade with Israel.

DeSantis is heading to Israel once again. 

This second trip to Israel for DeSantis, who previously declared himself the most “pro-Israel governor in America,” comes as he prepares to enter the 2024 presidential campaign. 

Following stops in several states next month, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Utah, DeSantis will travel to Israel, where he is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at an event titled “Celebrate the Faces of Israel” on April 27. 

The political unrest in Israel caused by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposed changes to the country’s legal system coincides with his visit.  

On Monday, in the face of widespread demonstrations and labor strikes, Netanyahu announced a postponement of those plans. As a result of the turmoil, several companies and airlines grounded their operations. 

According to a press release regarding his trip, DeSantis will address an audience of 400 people, including 120 American citizens, on the significance of the United States’ connection with Israel—donors identifying as Jewish. 

DeSantis stated, “During a time of needlessly strained ties between Jerusalem and Washington, Florida acts as a bridge between the American and Israeli people.” 

The governor’s choice to deliver a speech in Israel is receiving much attention because of his growing stature among conservatives and Republicans. 

As speculation of a DeSantis run for president grows, so is an interest in his stances on international issues. His claim that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was a “territorial dispute” was widely criticized by Marco Rubio, a Republican senator from Florida. 

In an interview after the comments aired on Fox News, DeSantis referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “war criminal.”