Ron DeSantis Endorses School Board Officials That Align With His Vision For America

( )- When conservatives all across the country are spending a significant amount of emphasis on contests for seats on school boards, Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, is compiling a list of local candidates that he may support as his party’s nominees.

The battleground for the conflict over whether or not young children should be taught critical racial theory, vaccination mandates, and sexuality education is the public school board. A month ago, DeSantis made public his support for ten individuals seeking seats on various school boards around the state.

Many people are curious about the process that the governor is using to choose which candidates to support, and it has gotten a lot of attention. Two weeks ago, the political campaign of Ron DeSantis published an online survey to possible school board members. The purpose of the poll was to determine how closely potential candidates agree with DeSantis’ educational ideals, which are based on the rights of parents. Candidates will also have the chance to sign a certificate confirming their support for the governor’s proposal as part of the “DeSantis Education Agenda,” which will be made available to them.

Participants in the survey are given various questions, including “Do you think that pupils should be taught rather than indoctrinated?” and “Should students in Florida be shut out of school or subjected to forced masking?”

Candidates receive a certificate that states, “I stand with Governor Ron DeSantis and vow to…” followed by his list of education goals if they successfully reply to the question.

According to reports, the growing list of endorsements includes April Carney, who decided to run for the Duval County school board after her children struggled with COVID restrictions, and Monica Colucci, a teacher in Miami-Dade County. She has taken a strong stance against transgender athletes competing in girl’s sports. Carney decided to run for the school board after her children struggled with COVID restrictions. Similarly, Colucci has taken a strong stance against transgender athletes

It is not typical for governors to distribute questionnaires to candidates for seats on school boards; nonetheless, DeSantis and maybe other Republican governors will likely follow their lead. Even though he has not formally declared his intention to run for president in 2024, DeSantis is widely regarded as a prominent figure within the Republican Party and is a candidate for re-election this year. He is also a potential candidate for the presidency in 2024.