Ron DeSantis Comes Out Against Vaccines For Young Children

( )- The White House made hay last week over Florida being the only state in the Union to not preorder COVID vaccines for children under the age of five. And on Thursday, Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, addressed the criticism, arguing that state officials believe that the risks of vaccinating young children outweigh the benefits. So while the vaccines will be available through doctors, the state itself will not be providing a vaccination program for young children.

DeSantis pointed out that while the state is recommending against vaccinating the very young, it isn’t being banned. He said if parents want to vaccinate children under five, they can do it. He said the state’s position isn’t that parents can’t vaccinate their children, instead, they are free to choose.

Adding that the risk to children is very low, the governor blasted “media hysteria” which has led to parents being afraid about their children’s risk for COVID. They’re scared, DeSantis explained, because of “a lot of misinformation.”

DeSantis said placating anxiety is not a reason to authorize emergency use for children under five. The standard should be whether the vaccine is “safe and effective” and “does the benefit outweigh the risk.” He said Florida has recommended the vaccine for those five and older. But for those under five, the state recommends against doing it.

DeSantis pointed out that there is a surplus of vaccines so Florida doctors and hospitals will be able to get them. But, he added, there will be no state programs that are going to push for infants, toddlers, or newborns to get the vaccine.