Ron DeSantis Collapses In New Trump Poll

A new national GOP primary poll for 2024 shows that President Trump has a 38-point lead over his closest rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and an even bigger lead over the rest of the field.

The “rest of the field” failed even to garner the support of 10% of likely GOP Primary voters.

President Trump earned 54% of the vote, according to a large field poll conducted by McLaughlin & Associates among 18 contenders. This shows that the 45th President has maintained a consistent lead throughout the year, unlike Ron DeSantis, whose popularity has slowly decreased from 31% in January to 16% in May.

Mike Pence is behind DeSantis and Trump, polling in third place with just 7% of prospective GOP Primary voters. Nikki Haley is a blip on the radar with 3% of the vote. Tim Scott, a contender who just recently announced, earned 2%. Glenn Youngkin, a previous darling of the GOP establishment, garnered no votes.

Trump and DeSantis both garnered 39% of the vote when compared head-to-head; Trump’s results slightly outperformed those of the 18-candidate poll and disproved the assertions of DeSantis’s backers that their candidate would win over voters who had previously supported other candidates once the field is reduced to just two.

President Trump has a more significant lead over Ron DeSantis in their head-to-head contest than in the national survey since January. At the time, Trump was ahead of DeSantis by 11%.

Although DeSantis’ support for the presidency in 2024 saw a modest rise of 2% in May, this is still well within the margin of error and nowhere near the spike in support projected by his camp.

A recent Morning Consult poll shows that in a hypothetical Presidential Election match-up, Trump has a 43-point advantage against DeSantis and a 7% lead over Biden.