Ron DeSantis Announces Possible Punishment For Twitter Board, Since Florida Is An Investor

( )- During a news conference on Tuesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL), the state is considering legal action against Twitter, Inc. over the company’s recent decision to adopt a “poison pill” strategy to prevent billionaire Elon Musk from assuming control. According to DeSantis, the state’s pension fund is a Twitter investment.
During a news conference at The Villages, DeSantis was asked if he would promise to entirely divest the state’s Twitter shares over the company’s stances and policies.
“We wouldn’t have the standing to hold the board of directors accountable if we did that,” he said. “It gives us the authority to act.”
DeSantis stated that his administration does not get involved in pension fund investments as a matter of routine but admitted that they do in select circumstances, such as with Ben & Jerry’s over its BDS position.
DeSantis stated that if the board of directors has failed to meet its financial obligations, Florida, as a shareholder, has the right to protest.
The governor explained that If the board is operating in ways that are breaking their fiduciary duties, doing it for power and politics, and basically to function as a repression arm of the government, that is not free-market capitalism.
This is a junta attempting to marginalize anyone who disagrees with their policies.
He then discussed tech corporations and censorship, as well as Florida’s previous measures on these topics. Before returning to Twitter, he argued that some digital companies are too big and have too much influence and should be “split up.”
DeSantis noted that the most antagonistic folks to Musk are people from legacy media sites like the Washington Post and CNN.
“No one believes these individuals any longer… they lie every day,” quipped DeSantis.
DeSantis thinks they believe they should have control over the discourse and that they should be able to sway your perceptions and beliefs. Elon Musk is a danger to that and a threat to their dominance.
He said that ideology had tainted major institutions from media to technology.
DeSantis said to stay tuned to see what we can do about the Twitter mess. He wants to be sure that his administration is on the right track. He’s not going to pursue recourse if it’s not going to be something that has a possibility of succeeding.
“But somebody’s got to start speaking out against this stuff, and we’re going to do that,” he concluded.