Ron DeSantis Actions Hailed As Historic

( )- Last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said he plans to petition the state’s Supreme Court to convene a grand jury to investigate “any and all wrongdoing” related to the COVID vaccines, prompting praise from the Orlando-based religious freedom legal foundation, Liberty Counsel.

While Governor DeSantis didn’t provide specifics as to what the wrongdoing might be, he suggested it would involve jogging loose further information from pharmaceutical companies on the potential side effects of the vaccines.

DeSantis announced the statewide grand jury request following a roundtable discussion with Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Lapado and a panel of physicians and scientists, including prominent opponents of lockdowns, federal vaccine mandates, and vaccinations for children.

He said with a grand jury investigation, the state will be able to get data from the pharmaceutical companies “whether they want to give it or not.”

The governor’s grand jury request, released last Tuesday, argues that pharmaceutical companies had a financial interest in maintaining the narrative that receiving the vaccine would ensure people couldn’t spread the virus.

The request asks that a grand jury investigate if any deceitful information was disseminated that the vaccines prevent “infection, symptoms, and transmission.”

The governor said he expects the Florida Supreme Court to approve his request for the statewide grand jury.

Governor DeSantis also announced the creation of the “Public Health Integrity Committee,” which will include many of the doctors and scientists who participated in last week’s roundtable.

In response to the news, Liberty Counsel founder Matt Staver described the governor’s grand jury request as historic.

Staver said it was “past time” that someone held the pharmaceutical companies accountable for the harm they have caused, “especially when they withhold and misrepresent relevant data” the public should have the right to know.

Liberty Counsel has been defending members of the military in lawsuits filed against the Pentagon over its refusal to accommodate requests for religious exemptions from the department’s vaccine mandate.