Rogan Critics Who Left Spotify Remain On YouTube, Despite There Being Just As Much Misinformation There

( )- On Monday, Newsweek published a “concerned Karen” article bemoaning the fact that all the focus on Joe Rogan’s so-called “misinformation” on Spotify is distracting from the fact that YouTube is still permitting “misinformation” on its platform.

In an article titled “Neil Young, Joni Mitchell Music Still on YouTube, Where COVID Misinformation Runs Rampant,” writer Emma “Karen” Nolan expressed surprise that the musicians who took such a brave stand over Joe Rogan are allowing their music to remain on YouTube.

In short, Nolan is on a mission to get YouTube to censor more people and can’t understand why Neil Young and Joni Mitchell aren’t joining in.

Nolan highlights a letter written by a group of “more than 80 prominent fact-checking organizations” from around the world who called on YouTube to “address the spread of misinformation” on its platform.

She quotes from the letter these so-called “prominent” organizations sent to YouTube, in which the “fact-checkers” warn that videos in Greek and Arabic are encouraging people to boycott the COVID vaccine or treat their symptoms with “bogus cures.”

Then she points out that Joni Mitchell and Neil Young still have YouTube channels with “76,900 and 452,000 subscribers respectively.”

How dare they?! Why aren’t they removing those YouTube channels the way they removed their music from Spotify?!

The funniest thing about Nolan’s article, however, is to prove her point about the “misinformation” YouTube allows, she embeds two YouTube videos that she thinks shouldn’t be permitted on the platform. Unfortunately, you can’t see either of them because both have been taken down by YouTube.

LOL! Whoops!

As Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson said on his show Wednesday night, only weak people call for censorship.

The fact that so many writers in the American corporate news media, including Newsweek’s Emma Nolan, are coming down on the side of censorship is far more concerning than Neil Young and Joni Mitchell keeping their music on YouTube.