Riots Erupt Outside Of Inappropriate Event Because Of AOC

( )- Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez riled up the comrades earlier this week, telling them to show up to the library to protect the drag queens.

Andy Ngo tweeted:

“Congresswoman AOC has shared a far-left flyer on Instagram for comrades to come to a direct action to “protect” a children’s drag queen event in Queens. A number of these drag events have been protested by BIPOC New Yorkers…”

As protesters gathered outside a public library, scuffles erupted.

During the chaotic scene outside the building in Jackson Heights, dozens of police officers attempted to keep dueling protesters apart. It was unclear whether any arrests had been made.

Cops appeared to detain a barefoot man wearing ripped pants. The protester attempted to kick an officer, referring to him as a “pig who wears shoes.”

Other videos showed protesters carrying a Proud Boys flag and shouting, “Leave the kids alone!” at the event’s supporters.

Cops had divided the crowds on either side of the street, with a boisterous contingent supporting the event waving rainbow-colored flags and umbrellas, singing and holding signs that read “Queens [hearts] queens.”

On the other hand, anti-event protesters held signs accusing the event’s organizers of “confusing kids.”

On AOC’s orders, three violent left-wing protesters attended the event.

“These youngsters are being groomed!” “How can you stand behind something so sick and evil?” A man yelled at far-left supporters.

Every one of you is a filthy, disgusting pedophile!” While leaning over a police barricade, one man spat.

The NYPD confirmed that arrests were made but did not immediately know how many.

Jackson Heights council member Shekar Krishnan funded the event, saying on Wednesday that he was “proud to support” Drag Story Hour “and the literacy, love, and joy it promotes in our libraries!”

There have been similar anti-drag-queen-story-time protests around the country. Parents are outraged that these events can be considered of value to children.