RFK Jr. Says He’s More Picked On Than Trump 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is sounding a bit like Donald Trump.

The Democratic presidential candidate RFK Jr. believes that his candidacy has been criticized more harshly by significant media outlets than former president Trump, who constantly complained about biased and dishonest news coverage. 

Maria Bartiromo questioned Kennedy on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures whether he’s concerned about being heard since President Biden will not debate him and he can’t fight Biden mano a mano on a national stage.

The candidate said it is fascinating to him since the mainstream and the corporate media have attacked him harder than they ever did President Trump. He feels like he’s been attacked in a way that’s never been done before.

What is true is that, as a Kennedy, he is not used to the media being anything but smitten with the U.S. royal family. Ted Kennedy, his uncle, was a man involved in the death of a young girl and was able to remain a beloved senator for decades. The media went so far as to call him the “Lion of the Senate.”

Kennedy said that a recent Harris poll by Harvard University found that his favorability rating was the highest of all the candidates for president in 2024.

He said it means Americans are paying attention to his words. which may have been through podcasts or social media. He wasn’t sure about that but is confident it’s not from favorable media reports.

He said if people believe what is written about him in the papers, then his unfavorability ratings should be through the roof. He said if he believed the stuff written about him in the papers, he would not vote for RFK Jr. and would think he was very despicable.

Kennedy declared his candidacy for president in 2024 in April. His reputation as an anti-vaccine activist is well-established. Both his fellow Democrats and members of his own family have voiced their disagreement with Kennedy’s stance. Kennedy is the son of former United States Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and a relative of former President John F. Kennedy.