RFK Jr. Says He Has Enough Signatures For Ballot

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the independent presidential candidate, has successfully met the requirements to be included on the New Hampshire ballot for the upcoming general election. This achievement is a significant milestone for Kennedy’s campaign, as New Hampshire is considered a crucial battleground state.

In his relentless pursuit to secure a place on as many state ballots as possible, Kennedy gathered 3,000 signatures in New Hampshire. This accomplishment underscores the dedication and enthusiasm of his supporters, who have been actively involved in collecting signatures, forming new political parties, and advocating for real change.

Acknowledging the importance of grassroots engagement, Kennedy stated, “Democracy goes beyond mere voting. I am truly inspired by the passion and commitment of individuals actively shaping our political landscape. Their energy will ensure our presence on every state’s ballot and drive our voter registration and get-out-the-vote operations as we approach Election Day.”

As an independent candidate, Kennedy did not participate in the primary elections, where outside Democratic candidates faced formidable challenges against President Biden. Having previously been registered as a Democrat, Kennedy changed his affiliation last year, positioning himself as a viable alternative to the two major parties.

The general election ballot is expected to include President Biden, the Democratic nominee, and former President Trump, who is poised to secure the Republican nomination after winning the initial early contests. Kennedy’s strategic focus is on capturing the attention of independent-minded voters in New Hampshire. This state has emerged as a critical swing state, with many citizens dissatisfied with the available options.

Kennedy’s quest for ballot access extends beyond New Hampshire—it is part of a broader movement to ensure compliance with existing state rules. He has already qualified for the Utah ballot, which had the earliest deadline for signature collection. This accomplishment has motivated his campaign to allocate additional resources toward meeting the requirements of more states.

Highlighting the diverse support base in New Hampshire, Larisa Trexler, the Kennedy campaign’s Northeast regional field director, emphasized the breadth of their operation. “People from all walks of life in New England have come together to support our cause. New Hampshire has become our primary focus, and we are grateful for the overwhelming support we have received.”

Kennedy’s successful inclusion on the New Hampshire ballot marks a significant step forward for his campaign. With his sights set on appealing to independent voters nationwide, Kennedy is steadily building momentum as he continues to navigate the complex political landscape in pursuit of his presidential aspirations.