RFK Jr.’s Advisor Quits Campaign Citing ‘Divisive Atmosphere’

A senior campaign advisor for third-party candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced last Wednesday that she was leaving the campaign due to what she described as its “increasingly hateful and divisive atmosphere.”

Trump supporter Angela Stanton King, who headed up RFK Jr.’s outreach to black voters, said the independent candidate’s campaign did not align with her “values” and, as such, she “decided to step away from the political theater.”

At the same time, Stanton King said while she would be pursuing nonprofit work focusing on “pregnant women and returning citizens,” she would continue to advise the Kennedy campaign “on key community issues.”

Stanton King played a key role during RFK campaign events, including introducing Kennedy’s running mate Nicole Shanahan at her first campaign event in early May.

Stanton King was the Kennedy campaign’s chief advisor on abortion. After Kennedy expressed support for legalizing abortion throughout pregnancy, “even if it’s full term,” Stanton King criticized the third-party candidate on social media, eventually prompting Kennedy to reach out to her and walk back his comments. Kennedy clarified that he believed abortion should be restricted “in the final months of pregnancy.”

Stanton King was pardoned by then-President Trump in 2020 for a 2007 conviction in connection to her involvement in a car theft scheme. She later ran as a Republican candidate in Georgia’s 5th Congressional District but lost in the 2020 General Election.

At the time she ran for Congress, Stanton King was a proponent of the Q-Anon conspiracy. Following Trump’s loss in the 2020 presidential election, she promoted Trump’s stolen election claims. In a now-deleted 2021 social media post, Stanton King also called for the military to overthrow President Joe Biden.

In a social media post last week, Stanton King denied reports that the Kennedy campaign fired her over her “vocal support” for Donald Trump, calling the claim “100% ABSOLUTELY FALSE.”