RFK Jr. Issues Correction On Controversial Comments

Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. got into hot water again this weekend after the New York Post reported that he suggested that COVID may have been a bioweapon designed to attack “certain races disproportionately.”

According to the Post, Kennedy claimed on video that governments are developing biological weapons containing “ethnically targeted microbes” to attack specific racial groups.

He said the COVID virus “disproportionately” attacks black and white people while the people “most immune” are Ashkenazi Jews and the Chinese. But he conceded that it is not known if this was done deliberately.

Unsurprisingly, the Post’s story set off a firestorm, with many accusing Kennedy of peddling anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

The Kennedy scion blasted the New York Post, claiming in a Twitter thread that the outlet was “mistaken.”

The Democrat candidate noted that the video was from an “off-the-record conversation” and insisted that he was “accurately” pointing out that the United States and other countries are working on “ethnically targeted bioweapons.”

He cited a study that he said found that the “furin cleave docking site” in the COVID virus “is most compatible” with whites and blacks and “least compatible” with Ashkenazi Jews, Finns, and “ethnic Chinese,” therefore, the virus “appears to disproportionately affect certain races.”

Kennedy asserted that he never suggested that the virus “was targeted to spare Jews,” and said he did not imply that this “was deliberately engineered” nor does he believe that.

Kennedy also accused New York Post reporter Jonathan Levine of exploiting the off-the-record conversation to “smear” him by associating him with “an outlandish conspiracy” to “discredit” him as “a crank.”

This isn’t the first time Kennedy was accused of anti-Semitism.

Last year, Kennedy was roundly condemned after claiming that Anne Frank had more freedom than those living under vaccine mandates during an anti-vax rally in Washington in January 2022.

Kennedy later apologized for the remark.