Retired State Supreme Court Justice Responds To 2020 Election

( )- Earlier this month, the Wisconsin State Assembly’s Committee on Assembly Organization voted along partisan lines to authorize the creation of an office of Special Counsel to oversee an investigation into the 2020 election results in the state.

State Assembly Speaker Republican Robin Vos tapped former Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman to head up the Special Counsel’s office, granting him the authority to hire full-time investigators in order to conduct an in-depth investigation into Wisconsin’s 2020 election.

Well, the Special Counsel investigation began two weeks ago after the Wisconsin State Assembly approved $680,000 in funding, with the potential to spend more in the future. And in a video released last Monday by the Wisconsin Office of Special Counsel, Gableman outlined the parameters of his investigation into the 2020 election.

In the video, Gableman threatened to subpoena election officials who refuse to comply with the investigation, alleging that there is “some evidence” that local election officials did not follow state law during the November election.

Gableman didn’t specify when the Special Counsel’s Office would wrap up its investigation, only saying that it would not be guided by “political timetables.” He also said that he plans to release information to the public as needed through similar videos, as well as press releases and news conferences.

However, he cautioned against letting information out too early, claiming that revealing the “internal workings” of the investigation would be “reckless and irresponsible” because it would put “witnesses and whistleblowers” who cooperate with the investigation “at risk of retaliation.”

Additionally, Gableman said that it is possible the Special Counsel’s investigation will include a “vigorous and comprehensive audit” of last year’s election if it is justified by the evidence gathered.

Wisconsin Democrats have voiced complaints over Gableman’s appointment to lead this Special Counsel, namely because they believe him to be biased.

Gableman has been an outspoken critic of the 2020 presidential election. Over the summer he traveled to Phoenix and toured the site of the Maricopa County election audit. And in August, Gableman attended MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s “cybersymposium” on election fraud.