Restaurant Shut Down After Rat Found In Food Prep Area

Following the discovery of a live mouse on the premises, officials in southeast Florida ordered the closure of a restaurant.

According to an inspection report from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), the Pompano Beach location of Happy Wings and Fried Rice was temporarily shuttered during a regular inspection due to a high-priority violation.

An inspector described seeing a mouse scurrying over a wire rack that contained food. Approximately 75 mouse droppings were on the floor throughout the kitchen, and rodent rub marks were present throughout the walls. Behind a food-storage wire rack were two more high-priority violations the restaurant had committed, according to the report.

It was also revealed that several surfaces across the building were allegedly stained with grease, which was one of six fundamental breaches.

A second report said that mouse droppings were scattered around the kitchen, and grease streaks persisted throughout the restaurant. However, a follow-up inspection did not find any live rodents. It was said that the eatery had been closed. There was supposedly no visible infringement during a third check.

The DBPR said in the report that the division’s processes are set up to ensure that all breaches are corrected, whether via follow-up visits, administrative action, or closure, even if most businesses do so promptly, usually during the inspection.

According to a pest control website, rats can cause structural damage, filth, taint food, and make you sick. Rats may transmit diseases including Leptospirosis, Streptobacilliosi, and Tularemia.

Rodent activities led to the closure of other eateries in southern Florida, according to the DBPR.

The DBPR stated that, among other breaches, Jimmy’s Diner had about eight rat droppings inside an old fryer in the kitchen area and many more rat droppings throughout the kitchen. Reportedly, the identical rodent-related infraction was found during a follow-up inspection.