Resignation Request Letter Sent Calling For CIA Director’s Resignation

( )- A national security group named The Committee on the Present Danger China is calling on President Joe Biden’s newly-confirmed CIA chief to resign after it was revealed that he worked with groups affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party.

Links between CIA chief William Burns and CCP influence groups were revealed this week, including work with the China-United States Exchange Foundation – an organization known for organizing trips to China for high-ranking American politicians, business owners, and influencers.

Burns, a former think tank official, claimed that he cut ties with the CCP-affiliated group during his Senate confirmation hearings, but evidence has come to light this month that he maintained a relationship with the group through 2021.

The Committee on the Present Danger China warned that Burns’ previous affiliations mean that he should never have been granted any kind of security clearance.

“In our view, these relationships should have precluded an individual from holding even a basic security clearance, let alone serving in so sensitive a position as the leader of America’s preeminent intelligence organization. We learned recently, moreover, that Mr. Burns seriously misrepresented in sworn testimony to the United States Senate the nature and timing of his dealings with such CCP-associated persons and organizations,” the committee said in a statement.

The statement comes with some serious weight behind it, too. The committee includes more than 20 high-level signatories, including Frank Gaffney, the former Assistant Secretary of Defense, William Bennett, the former Secretary of Education and Drug Czar, and Ed Timperlake, former Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Take a look at the letter for yourself, and scroll on down to the bottom. These are some big names, and some real experts on the issue of China.

“In short, Mr. Burn’s record contradicts his testimony about being worried about Chinese influence operations, shows he ignored the risks of partnering with them and bespeaks both a lack of awareness about Chinese tradecraft and judgment that could be serious national security risks at the CIA,” the letter continues.

And he’s not the only member of Biden’s cabinet to have extensive ties to the CCP, either.

We’ve gone from America First to…China First.