Republican’s Home Shot At, But The Left Won’t Talk About Its

( )- Democrats and the media took an attack on Paul Pelosi by a drug-addled Berkeley hippie and exploited it as proof of how Republicans are inciting violence against Democrats. But, after someone shot through the window of a North Carolina Republican candidate Paul Harrigan’s home, not far from where his children were sleeping, the Democrats and the media couldn’t even muster the energy to notice.

In mid-October, Harrigan’s Democrat challenger, State Senator Jeff Jackson began running a campaign ad blasting Harrigan for not living in District 14 which included a shot of Harrigan’s home. And soon after that ad aired, on October 18, someone showed up outside of Harrigan’s home and fired a shot through the window.

That alone makes the connection between the attack and the Democrats much more solid than the connection Democrats tried to make between Pelosi’s attacker and the Republicans.

But after the shooting, there were no splashy national headlines, no shrieking demands for the Democrats to cool their rhetoric.

Hickory Police Department spokeswoman Kristen Hart told The Carolina Journal that a single bullet casing was found outside the house and law enforcement was looking into it.

WBT News reporter Brett Jensen later confirmed on Twitter that the FBI was investigating the shooting at Harrigan’s home.

According to Brett Jensen, the single bullet lodged into the “wall/ceiling” about “20 feet” from where Harrigan’s daughters were sleeping. Jensen added that the FBI is conducting ballistic tests on the bullet.

It was reported that Harrigan’s two daughters, aged 3 and 5, had been relocated out of state to an undisclosed location since last month’s shooting incident.

It was only after the FBI’s involvement was confirmed that Harrigan’s Democrat challenger, State Senator Jeff Jackson, pulled the ad in question off the air.

Last Tuesday, Jackson defeated Harrigan in the midterm election 57.7% to 42.3%, making District 14 a Democrat gain.