Republican Star Quietly Dropped On Andriod And Apple Phones

( )- Elijah Schaffer, one of The Blaze’s younger hosts, claimed on Twitter on Friday that he was being censored by Telegram – a secure messaging app that is often used by conservative activists who have been censored by Twitter as a way of keeping their followers up to date.

The messaging service, which allows people to create a “channel” where messages can be sent to large numbers of followers, is allegedly blocking users from commenting or reading his posts on Android and Apple devices.

“Suddenly my entire account has been restricted where I can post but nobody can comment or read posts on Android or iOS devices,” Schaffer claimed on Twitter.

The tweet, which you can see above, contained screenshots of his channel which shows how his ability to post messages wasn’t blocked, but that his discussion group chat – where people can respond to his messages – was blocked on mobile devices but still accessible on desktops.

The National File reports that a possible explanation for the censorship is that both Google and Apple force Telegram to moderate the content shared on its platform. If Telegram didn’t moderate content in a way that Google and Apple prefer then it would risk being removed from their app stores – and given that most users download the app from these stores, Telegram is forced to comply.

The desktop app, however, can be downloaded directly from its website and moderation is not required.

Until something is done about Big Tech, this censorship will only continue…and it’s only a matter of time before Apple and Google censor GETTR, the free speech alternative to Twitter. They’ll probably even censor former President Donald Trump’s upcoming TRUTH Social app, once that is released in February.