Republican Leader Gets Death Threats After Pro-Life Stance

( )- Terry Schilling, a well-known pro-family activist, revealed recently how he received a huge number of violent death threats as the Virginia gubernatorial election unfolded. As it became increasingly clear that Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin was on track for a victory, Schilling and his organization the American Principles Project (APP) were inundated with hate.

Speaking to The National Pulse, Schilling explains that threats from a phone number that was registered to a “Howard M. Wagner” from Midtown, Manhattan, New York came in as soon as the celebrations for the Republican victory began.

His organization, the APP, was instrumental in helping the Republicans win the race. Several popular TV advertisements focused on the far-left Democratic candidate, Terry McAuliffe, appeared on peoples’ TV screens. The adverts revealed how McAuliffe tried to hide the story of two young schools girls being raped by a boy in a dress in “gender neutral” bathrooms in the school.

The phone calls Schilling received after the Republicans won were recorded, and one was made available at The National Pulse. Click here to listen to it.

“Let me tell you Terry Schilling you fake Christian, fake Catholic, whatever you are,” is heard in one recording.

The audio goes on to accuse Schilling of peddling “hate” and call him a “motherf*cking low life” and a “f*cking piece of sh*t scum.”


“You are scum and we need to take back our country from you, from scum like you. And we will. Whatever we need to do, we will, to take back our country from scum like you… motherf**king piece…” it goes on.

Clearly, a threat.

In another message, the caller alleges that Schiller has “multiple anal orifices” which obviously doesn’t make sense, before talking about how Virginia is a “stand your ground state” – which means that people are able to use deadly force if they are being threatened. It suggested that the caller was planning on setting up a scenario whereby they may be able to claim that they were being threatened by Schilling, so that they could shoot him.

Finally, the caller said that he has found Schilling’s home address and that plans to visit him sometime in the new year. He said that he will tell Schilling “to his face” all the things that he wants to say.

“I need to repeat them to his face, so I’m going to come visit him at a time and date of my choosing, and we’ll go from there. Okay. Bye bye. Bye bye you low-life worthless white racist,” it continued.

The tolerant left, everybody.