Republican Lawmaker Names Politician In “Criminal” Mastermind Scheme

( )- Former Oklahoma state senator Ron Sharp is speaking out about how Republican consultant Fount Holland launched nasty commercials about him using taxpayer-funded charter school cash.

Fount Holland, the “Mitch McConnell of Oklahoma,” received $20,000 from Epic Charter Schools, which reportedly stole $22 million from state taxpayers. Three Epic officials, including the school’s co-founders, face criminal charges. Fount Holland attacked a state senator who opposed the school, Ron Sharp. Insiders call Holland an establishment lackey who works against populist candidates and runs establishment-approved candidates to uphold Oklahoma’s rotten status quo.

Former Oklahoma state senator Ron Sharp said that OSBI papers show Chaney and Harris paid for Dark Money advertising to defeat him in 2020. “This violates Oklahoma law. Be Harris, David Chaney, and Josh Brock should repay all state funds to the Oklahoma tax commission. That includes State funds given to Fount Holland, which were embezzled, according to the OSBI.

Fount Holland, a GOP political strategist, dubbed “the Mitch McConnell of Oklahoma,” accepted $20,000 from an allegedly bogus online charter school to attack a conservative primary candidate who questioned the institution’s legality.

Insiders believe Oklahoma’s Epic Charter Schools is a fraud to steal taxpayers for a poor online educational product with no accountability. The plan cost Oklahoma taxpayers at least $22 million and maybe $55 million. Ben Harris, David Chaney, and Josh Brock, co-founders of Epic Charter Schools, were arrested for allegedly funneling public money into their for-profit organization over 50 times.

Political consultant Fount Holland was stealing. Holland got money from Epic Charter Schools to smear Republican senator Ron Sharp as a “liberal.” Sharp dropped out. Epic Charter Schools sued Sharp for questioning the proposal early on. Fount Holland was charged with election fraud conspiracy in 2016.
Sharp was confused, so they nuked him. A source in Oklahoma alleged they utilized government money. Cindy Byrd, the state auditor, and inspector was re-elected after facing an expensive campaign because she wanted to examine Epic Charter Schools.
According to the criminal complaint against Epic Charter Schools administrators (p. 45), EDTECH paid CAMP “Fount Holland” $20,000 to manufacture derogatory SHARP campaign advertising. Epic Charter School ringleaders put up EDTECH.