Reporters Flip Out As Wall Street Journal Gives Platform To Donald Trump

( )- Reporters from several corporate media outlets flew into a rage last week after the Wall Street Journal published a letter to the editor former President Donald Trump wrote in response to the Journal’s editorial about voting laws in Pennsylvania.

The former president’s 600-word letter outlined his claims of election irregularities in Pennsylvania, claims these reporters say have been “disproved” and “debunked.”

Reporters, even some from the Wall Street Journal itself, expressed outrage over the Journal giving Trump such a massive platform to peddle his “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was rigged. They decried the Journal’s decision to publish the former president’s “spurious” claims, saying that doing so is a threat to journalism.

Of for crying out loud. It was a letter to the editor.

One Wall Street Journal reporter ran to CNN to anonymously express disappointment that the paper’s opinion section continues to publish “misinformation” which the Journal’s news side “works so hard to debunk.”

Columbia University Journalism professor Bill Grueskin, who once served as deputy managing editor at the Wall Street Journal, told the Washington Post that while the purpose of letters to the editor is to give readers a place to express dissatisfaction with a newspaper’s coverage; if someone is going to “spout a bunch of falsehoods,” opinion editors ordinarily feel obliged to “trim those out” or to include a “contemporaneous response.” The fact that the Journal didn’t do that for Trump bothered Greuskin.

Huffy, indignant reporters took to Twitter to express their outrage. Huffington Post White House correspondent SV Dáte whined that most newspapers “don’t allow op-ed writers to just make up nonsense lies.”

Daily Beast political reporter Matt Fuller also blasted the Journal for allowing Trump to publish whatever lies he wanted.

Funny. How many op-eds have been written calling January 6 a “deadly insurrection?” How many have claimed that Brian Sicknick was murdered by Trump supporters wielding a fire extinguisher?

These guys don’t have a problem with publishing lies.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board, in response to the outrage from “the progressive parsons of the press,” wrote that they trust their readers to make up their own minds. They said that they believe an ex-President writing a letter to the editor is newsworthy, even if “his claims are bananas.”